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Chicago Global Strategies (“the Fund”, or “Chicago Global”) is managed by Chicago Global Capital Pte Ltd. (“CGC”), a Fund Management Company registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct the regulated activities of Fund Management. The Fund’s capital is managed in accordance with a methodology developed by alumni and faculty of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The University of Chicago and its Booth School of Business have no affiliation with the firm and do not endorse its services.

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This website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer, advertisement or solicitation in any jurisdiction to buy any security. We do not provide investment advice through this website and do not represent that any securities or services are suitable for any investor. Before making an investment decision, please consult a qualified investment and tax adviser.

This website does not constitute an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to purchase, the Fund’s securities. Any such offer or solicitation will be made only by means of a Private Placement Memorandum (the “PPM”). This information excludes material information contained in the PPM, including, but not limited to, risk factors. Investors should decide to invest solely on the information provided in the PPM. This material cannot, and does not, replace the PPM, and the PPM supersedes this material in all respects. No other representation, whether made in person, verbally, or online electronically in written, graphical, or verbal communication may change the terms of those agreements.

This website does not purport to be comprehensive or contain all of the information that an interested party may desire. For full details of the Fund and of the opportunities, risks, and costs associated with the Fund, please see the corresponding Offering Memorandum of the Fund, which we will send you on request. Before investing in the Fund, investors should consider the suitability of the investment to his individual circumstances and objectives, particularly that it (i) is fully consistent with his financial needs, objectives and condition, (ii) complies and is fully consistent with all investment policies, guidelines and restrictions applicable to him and (iii) is a fit, proper and suitable investment for him notwithstanding the clear and substantial risks inherent in investing in the Fund.

The accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information contained within this site including any documents cannot be guaranteed. CGC and its affiliates do not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations or assume any liability with regard to financial performance based on the use of information contained in this document. All information contained within this document is subject to change at any time without notice. Any projections, outlooks or assumptions should not be construed as indicative of the actual events which will occur. Any information regarding portfolio composition, portfolio composition methodology, investment process or limits, or valuation methods are intended as guidelines which may be modified or changed by CGC or its affiliates at any time in its sole discretion without notice. Estimates and data are based on historical performance and are not a guarantee of future performance.

An investment in the Fund may not be appropriate for all investors. Any investor interested in purchasing the shares offered herein should conduct his own investigation and analysis of the product and consult his professional advisers as to the risks involved in making such an investment.

If you choose to enter, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of our website specified above. The terms explain certain restrictions imposed by law on the distribution of this information. If you do not agree with these terms you should exit this website.


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Toru Lin


Toru is a principal at Chicago Global and serves as Head of Hong Kong. He has nearly two decades of investment experience spanning fixed income investment management, investment banking and private equity.

Prior to Chicago Global, he was with a regional MNC where he led direct investments in marine transportation. At Morgan Stanley, he was with the investment banking TMT group and led deals across multiple sectors, primarily focused on China cross-border mergers & acquisitions and IPO transactions. Notables include Wuxi Biologics’ landmark capital markets transaction which won Best IPO at the CFM awards. Early in his career at PIMCO, he helped oversee strategy and product for PIMCO’s flagship Total Return Fund (PTTRX) and Low Duration Fund (PTLDX). He also co-founded PIMCO’s corporate cash management business and managed US$35 billion for institutional corporate cash clients.

Toru earned an MBA with a concentration in finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also holds a dual bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of Southern California.

David Frick


As Head of Business Development, David is responsible for the development of key investor relationships, corporate strategy, marketing and product management. David was previously Executive Director at LGT Capital Partners where he was responsible for strategy, asset raising and management of institutional relationships in Asia.

Prior to joining LGT Capital partners, he was Senior Vice President at SAIL Advisors, where he was involved with the group’s business development and corporate strategy initiatives. David also held roles with Morgan Stanley in New York, where he helped oversee Morgan Stanley’s corporate strategy and M&A activities, as well as with Fidelity Investments and Aragon Asset Management in portfolio management and business development.

David earned a Master’s degree in International Finance from Columbia University in New York, and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business & Economics from Eckerd College.

Alan Kwan, Ph.D.


Alan is an assistant professor of finance at Hong Kong University where he teaches Quantitative Trading and Big Data Analysis in Finance at the Masters level. His research is in empirical corporate finance and investments, with a specialization in using alternative data.

Alan received his Ph.D. from the Johnson School of Management in 2017 at Cornell University and his BA from Dartmouth College in 2009. Between school, he worked at DC Energy as a quantitative trader, Microsoft as a software developer, and Bridgewater Associates as a technology specialist on the research team.

Andy Cheah Chor Min


As Head of Corporate Development, Andy oversees the development of key corporate relationships, product development and operations. Prior to Chicago Global, Andy was with a global family office group and where he helped to build a pioneering Southeast Asian Islamic investment management business focused on private equity, real estate and equipment leasing.

He also held roles in Corporate Finance advisory at HwangDBS Investment Bank, where he originated and executed complex transactions in M&A, structured products, IPOs and corporate restructurings. He began his career in the assurance practice of KPMG in Kuala Lumpur. 

Andy earned an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance from Monash University.

Ben Charoenwong


Ben is an assistant professor of finance at the National University of Singapore where he teaches International Finance and Economics at the masters and undergraduate level. He has worked at Citadel Investment Group, teaching research skills and financial econometrics to new quantitative researchers and developers, and has also advised LEK Consulting on applying machine learning techniques to capital budgeting.

Ben completed a Ph.D. in Finance and an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2017, where he received the Fischer Black Ph.D. Fellowship, Eugene Fama Ph.D. Fellowship, and was an inaugural recipient of the Fama-Miller Liew Research Fellowship. Prior to that, he completed a bachelor’s of science in Honors Economics, Honors Statistics, and Financial Mathematics with Highest Distinction from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

Ivan Chelebiev


Ivan Chelebiev has over 20 years of experience in asset management. His career began on Wall Street in 1999 and took him to Europe and Asia in various portfolio management and research capacities, spanning equities, bonds, and their derivatives. He helped start the hedge fund research group at Morgan Stanley, which led to the creation of indices and portfolios that stimulated the acceptance of alternative investments in institutional portfolios. He conducted due diligence and quantitative analysis on hundreds of hedge funds. He was one of the principal authors of MSCI’s Hedge Fund Index Methodology.

He evaluated and directed investments in relative value hedge funds while at Financial Risk Management LLC, ultimately helping to manage over US$700 million. As a portfolio manager with LGT Capital Partners, he ran top-down sector allocation and investment selection for a US$1.2 billion hedge fund portfolio. After the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008, he launched a private investment partnership that made direct investments across three dimensions: equity, credit, and volatility.

Chelebiev earned two master’s degrees from the University of Chicago with a concentration in finance. He also holds a bachelor’s degree Summa Cum Laude from Oklahoma City University.